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Have you found your lobster??

Then you’ve come to the right place.

We are gathered here today on this joyous occasion to celebrate the special love that you + your partner share. It is a loved based on giving + receiving, as well as having + sharing. And the love you give + have is shared + received. And through this having + giving, and sharing + receiving, we too can share + love + have + receive.

First let me say, if Joey Tribbiani is officiating your wedding, then sign me up ASAP + you get a very large discount.

Second, I feel like he was really on to something with this speech!

You + your fiancĂ©’s love is the reason SO MANY PEOPLE are going to come together to celebrate – to give you hugs, share in your love, have a great time, + receive cake. (Cuz who doesn’t like cake, right?)

I am YOUR Memphis wedding photographer.

Your wedding day only happens once + I’ll be there to make it the best dang day EVER.

Cameras at my side, I’m there for anything + everything.

My trusty Oh Sh*t Kit is packed full of any last minute things you may need, my eye is constantly scanning for rogue hair ties on wrists, my ability to grab water bottles is truly ninja-esque, and although I have no idea how to contour your face I can powder your nose + scream “YASSSSSSS QUEEN” like our lives depend on it.

I’m not like a regular wedding photographer, I’m a cool wedding photographer.

You know who you’ll be spending the most time with during your entire wedding process? Yup, that’s right. ME.

I’m your biggest fan. Your missing wedding party member (sorry I don’t match the rest of them, I just look REALLY good in black.) Your long lost sister who means the absolute best when I say things like “JUST FIVE MORE MINUTES THIS LIGHT IS SO DELICIOUS NOW BRING YOUR CHIN DOWN FOR ME!”

I’m going to be there to celebrate YOU because honestly I love photographing couples who want a marriage more beautiful than their wedding, and I know that’s you + your fiancĂ©.

In fact, I’ll be probably be crying at several points throughout the day. (It’s fine, I’m fine, I just really love you guys. <3)

I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding day!

Wedding collections begin at $2,200 + Elopement packages being at $1,200.

First, take a closer look into who I am over on my About Me page.

Think we’re a good fit? Let’s meet up for coffee, cocktails, or cupcakes (please say you want to meet up for cupcakes) or over Skype + chat!

Just head on over + fill out a contact form so I can get to know you a little too! Looking forward to meeting you!